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Sandstone is one of old traditional materials used for construction.

Our sandstones, worked in different ways, are perfect for inside or outside use either for traditional or modern projects.

The good quality of our sandstones and the new manufacturing process allows to have perfectly calibrated tiles, without holes and other small defects often present in many types of sandstones.

Standard sizes for internal use are 305x305x10 mm (12"x12" x3/8"), 400x400x10 mm (16"x16" x3/8"), 457x457x10 (18"x18" x3/8") and also 600x600x10 mm (24"x24"x3/8" ) tiles. It was possible to obtain such a low thickness thanks to the good resistance of our sandstone and to the new manufacturing process, so we can offer good tiles at reasonable cost ,and easy installation. The surface is honed (matt ).

We can also produce larger square tiles in 600x600 mm (24"x24"), 800x800 mm (32"x32") and in rectangle like 400x600 mm (16"x32") and 600x800 mm (24"x32"). 1200x600 (48"x24") with greater 20 mm or 30 mm (3/4"or 1 " ) thickness. We also offer tiles with sizes and surface on customer requested.

These sandstones can be worked in different ways as to obtain different surfaces indicated for outdoor use or where high no-slippery features are required (according to new CE certifications).

We also offer on request, according to your measures: window sills, stair step pieces, skirting boards and countertops made by sandstone.

The specific products necessary to seal our sandstone are also available.


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