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Marble and Limestone Mosaic

We supply many patterns of marble & limestone mosaic in three different surfaces.

Polished (glossy) or Honed (smooth & matt) marble (colours are visible HERE)

Polished (glossy) or Honed (smooth & matt) Limestone ( colours are visible HERE)

Tumbled marble ( colours are visible HERE )

Some examples of colour (click to enlarge)
It is possible to make with antique surface almost all marble, Limestone and Jerusalem Stone

Verde Olomont

Verde Olomont (With Veins Dark)

Verde Olomont (With veins Light)

Verde Alpi (With Light Green Veins)




Rosa Perlino

Dark Travertine

Red Travertine

Rosso Verona

Carrara White


For other colours available click on links above

Pattern and sizes

Alternate Squares
Brick pattern
Herringbone pattern
Rectangle pattern

Squares :
15x 15 mm ( 5/8"x5/8" )
25x25 mm ( 1"x1" )
30x30 mm ( 1.1/4"x1.1/4" )
50x50 mm ( 2"x2" )


Rectangles :
15x 15 mm ( 5/8"x5/8" )
25x50 mm ( 1"x2" )
15x30 mm ( 5/8"x1.1/4" )
only tumbled
18x74 mm ( 0.71"x3" )
only tumbled
65x25 mm ( 2 1/2"x1" )
only tumbled
15x30 mm ( 5/8"x1 1/8" )
only tumbled


Hexagons :
side 18mm ( 0.71" ) only tumbled


Rhombs :
40x70 mm ( 1 5/8"x2 " )
only tumbled


Octagons :*
50x50 mm ( 2"x2" ) + accents 15x15 mm( 5/8"x5/8" )
only tumbled


Tapp.5 :*
50x50 mm ( 2"x2" ) + accents 15x15 mm( 5/8"x5/8" )
only tumbled


Pinwheel :*
15x30 mm ( 5/8"x1.1/4" ) + accents 15x 15 mm ( 5/8"x5/8" )
only tumbled


Runbroken :
15mm x different lenghts  ( 5/8 x different lenghts ) only tumbled

Pinwheel, Octagon and Tapp 5 patterns : It is possible to have 2 colours in the same patterns or all patterns in the same colour.

Example : Octagons in white and accents in black or both tiles in the same colour.


Contact us for your requests. Let us know the item/s , the quantity requested and your location and we will quote our best offer in a short time.

We will also be happy to send free samples for your review ( You will pay only the shipping cost ).