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Antique/tumbled marble & limestone
Antique style with rustic surface and appreciable rounded corners and edges
surface: antique
sides: rounded

thickness: 10mm (1/8") or 20 mm (3/4")

*tiles supplied without any treatment (sealing)

Some examples of colour (click to enlarge)
It is possible to make with antique surface almost all marble, Limestone and Jerusalem Stone

Verde Olomont

Verde Olomont (With Veins Dark)

Verde Olomont (With veins Light)

Verde Alpi (With Light Green Veins)




Rosa Perlino

Dark Travertine

Red Travertine

Rosso Verona

Carrara White


Tile dimensions
100x100mm (4"x4")
150x150mm (6"x6")
200x200mm (8"x8")
300x300mm (12"x12")
400x400mm (16"x16")
600x600mm (24"x24")
200x200mm (8"x8")
300x300mm (12"x12")
400x400mm (16"x16")
75x150 mm(3"x6")
150x300mm (6"x12")
200x400mm (8"x16")
300x600mm (12"x24")
400x600mm (16"x24")
400x800mm (16"x32")

10mm (1/8") or 20 mm (3/4") for all sizes



We also supply matching mosaics for all marble in tumble (antique ) finish.
The specific products necessary to seal marble & limestone are also available


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